It is hard to pinpoint exactly when artemesia handmade morphed from the idea "wouldn't it be fun to" into the reality "well I had better get to work because I need 30 scarves done by Friday". I have always loved making things: whether cooking, sewing, dyeing, ceramics, stained glass- I even took a welding class to learn how to make outdoor furniture. I guess when I think about it, the garden has been an ongoing theme - I was a professional gardener for years, so it is sort of a natural progression to use plants as dyestuff...but because I live in the Berkshires of Western Massachusettes, winter can be very long and a person has got to find things to do inside when it is becomes freezing outside!

about wendy akroyd

“Art is behind everything we do and we see everything we do as art.”

— Wendy Akroyd, FOUNDER

Short and sweet- I grew up in Irvington NY, a small town located on the Hudson River about 40 minutes north of NYC. I completed my undergraduate degree in Horticulture at Cornell University and went on for my Master's Degree in Garden Design at The Conway School of Design located the bucolic Hilltowns of Western Massachusettes. I now call the Berkshires home. We (my husband, two sons, two dogs, two cats & 9 chickens) live in an old farmhouse on almost 5 acres that includes a pond. Our neighbor told us that when he was a boy our backyard was a corn field. My studio was supposed to be the renovation of the old barn, but after much hemming, hawing, and argument, the barn was taken down and a new building put up- it was so much more practical in the end, though not nearly as romantic. And so here I am, 2 hours by car to Boston and 2 1/2 hours from NYC, piecing together a business by doing the things I love, surrounded by natural beauty and my favorite people. Not much to complain about in the whole scheme of things.....